1/2 Acre Seasonal Landscape Maintenance Program

$271.50 / month


Embark on a year-round journey of meticulous care and attention for your property with Galaxy's exclusive Landscape Maintenance Program. Our dedicated experts visit your property once a month, from April through November, delivering a suite of season-specific services tailored to your landscape's unique needs.

Each visit includes comprehensive weed management, either through precise pulling or effective treatment, alongside a thorough cleanup of any fallen branches, debris, and trash. To ensure your landscape presents its best self, we meticulously edge your landscape beds for a polished look and shape your shrubs to perfection as required throughout the season.

A prerequisite for engaging in our monthly maintenance is an initial spring cleanup and mulching, setting the stage for the ongoing care your landscape will receive. Over seven visits, we not only enhance your property's aesthetic appeal but also bolster the health and vitality of your landscape.

For an easy investment, you can enjoy the ease and assurance that come with our Annual Landscape Maintenance Program. Please note, fall leaf cleanup is available as an additional service, ensuring that every aspect of your landscape care is covered.

We invite you to choose our Landscape Maintenance Program for unparalleled convenience and the guarantee of a beautifully maintained outdoor space all year round.

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