1/4 Acre Lawns – 12 Payments

$106.88 / month


This Is Our Invitation For You To Fly Into The Galaxy Of Lawn Mowing Excellence With Us.


We Invite You To Choose From Our Very Flexible Pricing Options For Your Galactic Lawn Mowing Experience. Then Follow The Checkout Procedure And Complete Your Subscription.

Now Why Are We Changing To This?

In The Past, We Were Mowing Lawns Then Invoicing And Waiting For The Payments To Process. Unfortunately That Became An Accounting Nightmare To Manage. So In Order To Make Things Simpler And More Affordable, We Have Introduced More Flexible Pricing Options As Well As The Usual Weekly Payment Options, Spreading Payments Over 12 Months & A Full Season Pre-Pay Option For Those Who Like To “Set & Forget”.

But What About The Winter/Non Lawn Mowing Season?

Choosing the 12-month lawn mowing plan guarantees uninterrupted service throughout the year, lowering your monthly payments and ensuring our continued excellence. While this means winter payments for previously provided services, it facilitates smoother budget management by distributing expenses. If cancellation occurs before the term ends, our Credit Management team will adjust your account, and any remaining balance for completed services will be due immediately.

What Happens If I Cancel?

Cancellation Of The Subscription Is Simple. Just Login To The Site And On Your My Account Page, There Is An Option Called Subscriptions. In There Is An Option To Cancel However To Make Sure You Get The Best Service Possible, We Will Reconcile The Your Account Upon Cancellation To Ensure That We Have Completed The Work You Have Paid For And That There Are No Discrepancies.

What If I Don't Want Automated Payments Online?

First We Want To Assure You That We Do Not Store Your Credit Card Details, That Is Handled By Our Payment Provider Stripe.com And They Control The Payment Process. So, If You Still Want To Pay Via Check Or Bank Transfer, Simply Select That As An Option In The Checkout Process And Follow The Details For How To Send Us A Check Or Bank Transfer.

What About Delays Or Cancellations Due To Bad Weather?

This We Understand Completely, So In The Event That We Cannot Complete Your Lawns Due To Bad Weather And Are Unable To Substitute The Work With An Additional Service Of A Greater Value During 30 Days Of The Delay Period, We Will Provide You With A Refund. The Refund Will Be A Check Posted To Your Address, Or Hand Delivered By Our Team On Their Next Visit After The 30 Days Has Elapsed.

What If I Want A Refund?

The First Thing To Do Is To Talk To Us About What The Reason For The Refund Is? Where We Have Completed The Service On Your Property, No Refunds Are Given Unless There Is A Critical Problem That We Cannot Rectify. This Is Because We Pay For Staff, Equipment, Fuel Etc To Complete The Task On Your Property.  Our Number 1 Value Is “Out Of This World Service” So If You Truly Need A Refund Because You Are Dissatisfied With Our Service, Then Please Talk To Us And We Will Take Good Care Of You.

What If I Have Questions?

As Always Our Customer Support Team Are Available And Waiting For Your Call. Or Click Here For Our Contact Form To Send Us A Message.

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