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We Bring Life To Your Landscape

Landscape Design

Our Team Of Specialists In Design Will Guarantee The Most Creative And Outstanding Solution For You 

Landscape Planting Service

We Choose Plants & Trees That Compliment Your Design Needs. This Ensures You Get The Best Landscape All Year Round

Landscape Construction

There Is More Than Just Trees, Shrubs, Plants & Lawns In Our Designs. Outdoor Decking, “She Shed's”, “He Shed's” BBQ Areas And More.. We Can Do It All. 

For A Lawn That's Galactic

Our Favorite Job Is To Make Your Lawn Look The Best In The Block. Our Team Are Inspired To Mow Your Lawn & Make You Smile.  

Aeration & Overseeding​

We Understand How To Patch Up Those Problem Areas & Give You The Lawn Of Your Dreams.  

Leaf Removal​

The Leaves Look Wonderful On Trees, But Not So Good On The Ground. We Take Care Of The Mess, So You Can Enjoy The View.

Blasting The Debris

Shrub And Small Tree Removal

A Healthy Garden Is A Garden With Space For Growth & Display. Our Experienced Team Will Transform Your Messy Garden The Right Way. 

Trimming And Pruning​

We Need A Regular Haircut And So Too Do Your Plants & Trees (Keeping Them Away From Important Things Like Electrical Lines). 

The Seasons Change & Sometimes We Need A Big Cleanup. That's Where Our Spring & Fall Cleanup Crew Know What To Do. 

Shine Bright Like The Stars

Bi-Weekly Weed Control

Your Garden Is Often Under Attack From Those Pesky Weeds. Our Blaster Team Will Stop Them In Their Tracks & Keep Your Garden Weed & Pest Free.

Sod Installation ​

Is The Weather Or Local Soil Not Giving Your Lawn A Break? Has All Your Topsoil Gone & The Grass Stopped Growing? Our Sod Installation Team Will  

A Beautiful Landscape Design Includes Multiple Textures & Our Mulch & Rock Installation Team Can Transform Your Garden With Natural Textures & Colors.   

A View Through The Galaxies

Snow Removal​

Break Out The Shovels, Clear The Path's, That White Cloud Look Hides All Sorts Of Problems. Our Snow Removal Team Will Remove It, So You Don't Have To.   

Pressure Washing

We Take Showers Daily & Our Driveways, Houses & Buildings Also Need Regular Washing. Our Pressure Wash Team Will Help Keep What Matters Looking Clean & “Spotless”…

Gutter Cleaning

Leaves Blocking Gutters Are A Key Cause Of Roof Leaks, Which Cost Thousands To Repair. Our Gutter Crew Know Exactly What To Do So Your Gutters Do Their Job Properly When It Rains.

Proudly Providing Professional Lawn Care And Landscaping Services

Throughout Bucks County, PA. And Into Galaxies Beyond. (Commercial & Residential) - Licensed & Insured